Our focus at CRESSCO AG is on physical trade. Our goal is to optimize supply chains so that we can trade commodities between producers and end-users efficiently and reliably.

It is a complex process that requires forward thinking, dynamic individuals. We trust our employees to represent us effectively and we support them with global resources.

It is challenging work, suited only for the best in the business. Working at CRESSCO AG provides great opportunities for further progress and development on an international scale. Dedication and keen skills are well rewarded. As a team, every employee at CRESSCO AG plays a part in the development of our strategy and the day- to-day operations of our business.

At CRESSCO AG, our people are the heart and soul of our business. Our business requires commitment in an environment where ambitious and dedicated individuals are able to thrive. We believe that entrepreneurialism and responsibility go hand in hand, and we trust our employees to be self-sufficient in order to reach their full potential in a global arena. It is an approach that hopes to encourage staff, promote productivity and motivate our teams to perform effectively across diverse businesses with various socio-economic conditions.

We provide formal training in order to help you reach your full potential and move forward in your career. With CRESSCO AG, you are sure to get valuable on-the-job experience by working alongside driven, highly skilled professionals in your field.

Contacts of Cressco AG
Address: Ruessenstr. 12, 6340 Baar, Switzerland
VAT-Nr.: CHE-390.120.424 MWST
Reference-Nr.: 797297
Identification number: CH-
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