What we do

Logistics and distribution are at the core of our business; shipping raw materials to where they can be refined or processed and then transported to areas where there is a shortage. We operate in many energy markets and reach a wide range of suppliers around the world. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with trusted suppliers, we are able to bring cost-effective solutions and value to our customers.

In a dynamic global trading environment, we make practical and effective use of our global partnerships to ensure our customers receive consistently reliable, on-time deliveries while remaining dedicated to operational standards and adhering to strict risk management processes.

CRESSCO AG offers a full-line product portfolio of industrial and specialty chemicals. Our vast distribution network enables customers to procure products locally and globally, including exceptional service and high-standard safety and quality management.

In all our physical operations, we seek to collaborate with partners who share our commitment to high international standards of operation.

Petrochemical Trading

Since its start as a European olefins trader, CRESSCO AG has been paving the way to a leading position in global petrochemical trading and logistics supply solutions. Over time, we have grown into a global company with reach in key areas of the globe.

As the international petrochemical industry moves to lighter feedstocks, the prospects for global trade in the propylene and the C4/butadiene chains are equally promising.

In the field of marketing petrochemicals on an international scale, we have the expertise and resources to supply the manufacturing industry with the feedstocks and products they require.

Petrochemical trading strengthens CRESSCO’s presence in the liquified gas products markets, and adds greater scope and dimension to the company's core LPG activities. Furthermore, a presence in the specialized petrochemical gases sector of the market provides additional synergies and employment opportunities for CRESSCO's significant fleet of RTCs. We have a strong track record in all the major petrochemical and bulk chemical sectors.

Our core businesses remain in bulk liquids and gases. We are also a supplier and buyer of intermediates, biofuels, polymers, feedstock and some fuel components. If you have an enquiry regarding any such products, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy and willing to help in whatever way we can.

LPG Trading

CRESSCO AG and the trading & supply of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) are interlinked. It is the product with which the company made a name for itself, beginning with a regional trading focus in Eastern and North West Europe.

Our offices across Europe allow CRESSCO’s experienced LPG trading team to remain aligned with our customer in every aspect. We are constantly striving to stay ahead of the game and are proud of our reputation for excellent service standards. CRESSCO traders are well connected to the physical, derivatives and shipping markets to ensure full involvement in the LPG sector.

Providing reliable logistics services to our long-term clients is an integral part of our business. We are dedicated to continuous growth in all sectors, through investments and workforce training, which have assisted our trading teams in developing sustainable market growth with key customers around the world.

Liquids Trading

With an extensive network of international professionals, CRESSCO has grown from a business that began trading and distributing LPG, to a globally recognized commodity trading company. CRESSCO AG specializes in the trading and distribution of aromatics, naphtha, distillates, condensates, gasoline and gasoline components.

Our approach takes into account market demands, physical flows, blending components, all supported by derivatives trading around physical exposure. This strategy allows us access to different markets, diversify the portfolio of traded products and have a more flexible and dynamic trading structure with global coverage.

At CRESSCO AG, it is of great importance to us that we protect our company’s and client’s capital. We are committed to our partners and to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties, we offer a range of hedge services intended to alleviate the effects of the inherent commodity trading risks. CRESSCO AG maintains a broad portfolio of physical and paper instruments developed to overcome any such risks that may arise.

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